Pure Farming 17 Versus Farming Simulator 17

Pure Farming 17 Versus Farming Simulator 17

Hello again, as we introduce news about upcoming Pure Farming 17 game we can’t hide the fact that Farming Simulator 17 is also close to it’s release. In this post, we will try to investigate what to expect from both games and of course which one is better.

In terms of gameplay both games offer very similar things. Both games are farming simulators that allow you to grow your own crops, livestock and much more. Farming Simulator has many years of game development but on the other hand Techland are hoping to offer more depth of the farming itself compared with the rival.

Pure Farming 17 Versus Farming Simulator 17

Let’s begin with the game that we know the most – Farming Simulator. The newest edition brings lumbar yard. Giants also made an addition of some new crops with even more vehicles with the ability to customise your ride.

Furthermore, Farming Simulator will offer you to help your farmer neighbors with their farm tasks. As a new thing this time you will be given all the required equipment to do these tasks. This will also, be as a training ground for you and a good way to earn some money for your own land.
Also, another interesting thing with Farming Simulator 17 is that now you are able not only to buy equipment but also to rent it for cheaper price to see how it works and test it. On the other hand, if you use it for too long it can mean that you will over pay the original buy price.

In other equipment news, Giants introduce trains that you will be able to drive. This will mean that you will not only save time transporting various goods from one place to another but also it will be much easier to transport big amounts of good in one go. Besides that, tension straps is also a new feature that will help your transportation to be more safe.

Pure Farming 17 Versus Farming Simulator 17

Putting all facts to one place it can be stated that Farming Simulator 17 is improved version of the previous game that it was already a good game to begin with.

So what about Pure Farming 17: The Simulator?

Pure Farming 17 creators Techland is stepping into a field with one big player but it has many things to offer. For starters the game will hace full-on comping mode that will offer you a start of a new farmer and only with campaign you will be able to unlock all the additional locations.

Pure Farming 17 The Simulator

The campaign mode has been designed not only to teach new players how the game works but also will be dynamic and develop on your choices like do you want a green house or orchards. On top of that there will be time-limited events that will help to boost your money funds.

After a player has developed a huge farm business, the game will offer opportunities to expand into other countries. These farms will all have some unique only to that land related features such as crops, vehicles and so on. These locations are: Italy, Japan and Columbia. In Italy you will have a chance to grow olives and grapes to produce vine. Japan will offer rice and cherries and Columbia has to offer coffee and industrial hemp.

Furthermore, the game has to offer the Scenario mode with various tasks to complete in time. For example, provide a school with milk without owning a single cow or producing a certain amount of energy while having two different energy sources.

Even more, the level of deepness that in the game you are forced not only to take care of your farm but to look over your equipment. In time of using equipment it will start having problems that you will have to fix and keep all your equipment in top shape, and you will be able to manually do all the repair work. Besides that, you will have to choose correct soil composition for crops or what feed you will offer to your animals that it has to rightly balanced.

Pure Farming 17 The Simulator

All the small details that gives the game depth will let Pure Farming 17 stand out. At the end trying to answer the question which game is better it’s hard to say without testing both games, but the depth of Pure Farming 17 will have it’s key points form a lot of farming fans.

At the end the rivalry if both games will be success will lead to more and better and even more realistic farming experience for us gamers.

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